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Case studies

GSR Services Inc.

Website Modernization

Sell services with adequate showcasing

GSR Services Inc. is an aviation industry business that provides high-quality hydraulic systems solutions and services.

The existing GSR Services Inc. website struggled with performance issues, affecting user experience and search engine visibility. Additionally, their branding needed a modern and engaging makeover to resonate with their target audience.

Working with falcani, we felt more like a partner than a customer. They really resonated with our mission to create a good showcase for our services.

Luis Tobón, CEO of GSR Services Inc.

Sahar Group LLC

Website Modernization

Elevating aviation excellence online

Sahar Group LLC is a leading aviation industry player, specializing in engineering, repair, and manufacturing services.

The existing Sahar Group LLC WordPress template based website faced performance challenges, and mobile visualization issues. Additionally, they needed a fresh brand identity to showcase their capabilities and certifications effectively.

Working with Falcani, we brought our aviation excellence to the web. They crafted an online presence that truly reflects our industry leadership.

Arnold Escobar, CEO of Sahar Group LLC

UH60 Tech

Brand Creation & Website Development

Everything in Black Hawk services

UH60 Tech, formerly UH-60 LLC, is a pioneering player in the aviation industry, specializing in Black Hawk services.

The project encompassed complete brand creation, including logo design and typefaces, culminating in the development of a high-performing website powered by Gatsby. Media optimization was a key focus to ensure a seamless user experience.

Working alongside falcani, we transformed our vision into a brand that embodies excellence in Black Hawk services. Our website now reflects our industry leadership.

Francisco Temprano, CEO of UH-60 LLC

We partnered with falcani because we heard about the high-performant websites they develop. They delivered remarkably scores for our website.

Sahar Group

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  • Sahar Group LLC
  • GSR Services Inc.
  • UH60 LLC
  • UH-Trading LLC
  • L-1 USA LLC
  • Lives Group Enterprise LLC
  • Pompono Supplier Services LLC

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