Case Study - Sell services with adequate showcasing

GSR Services Inc. is an aviation industry business that provides high-quality hydraulic systems solutions and services. From designing a new system to completely modernize and overhaul the existing ones.

GSR Services Inc.
Website Modernization


The existing GSR Services Inc. website struggled with performance issues, affecting user experience and search engine visibility. Additionally, their branding needed a modern and engaging makeover to resonate with their target audience.

Our Solutions:

  1. Next.js Excellence: We chose Next.js, a leading technology for performance optimization, to rebuild the website. This strategic move significantly enhanced user experience and ensured rapid page load times.

  2. Comprehensive Rebranding: Our design team embarked on a full rebranding journey, giving GSR Services Inc. a contemporary and visually appealing identity that captivated their audience.

  3. Engaging Galleries: To showcase GSR Services Inc. services, we introduced captivating galleries that made navigation a breeze, enabling users to explore their solutions effortlessly.


  • Performance Excellence: The revamped website delivered an exceptional user experience, marked by improved performance and swift page loading times. We hit a perfect score measured with Google's tools.

  • Brand Transformation: GSR Services Inc. fresh brand identity set them apart in their industry and drew in more users.

  • Enhanced SEO: Our meticulous optimization efforts propelled their search engine rankings, resulting in a significant upsurge in organic traffic.

Project Highlights:

By partnering with falcani, GSR Services Inc. not only achieved top-tier performance but also underwent a remarkable brand transformation. This positioned them for growth and success in their industry.

What we did

  • Frontend (Next.js)
  • SEO
  • CDN
  • Rebranding

Working with falcani, we felt more like a partner than a customer. They really resonated with our mission to create a good showcase for our services.

Luis Tobón, CEO of GSR Services Inc.
Perfect Google Score
Cumulative Layout Shift
Speed Index
Total Blocking Time

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