Case Study - Everything in Black Hawk services

UH60 Tech, formerly UH-60 LLC, is a pioneering player in the aviation industry, specializing in Black Hawk services. They embarked on a journey with falcani to create their brand identity from scratch and develop a high-performing website using Gatsby, focusing on media optimization.

UH60 Tech
Brand Creation & Website Development


UH60 Tech, formerly UH-60 LLC, embarked on a transformative journey to establish their brand identity from the ground up. They sought to become a prominent player in the aviation industry, specializing in Black Hawk services, including parts buy and sell, MRO services, leasing, overhaul, and sales of UH60 helicopters.

Our Solutions:

  1. Complete Brand Creation: We collaborated closely with UH60 Tech to create a brand that resonated with their mission and industry focus. This included logo design, typefaces, and visual elements that reflect excellence in Black Hawk services.

  2. High-Performing Website: Using Gatsby as the technology foundation, we developed a website that not only showcases their services but also provides a seamless user experience. Media optimization techniques were employed to ensure fast loading times and smooth interactions.


  • Brand Transformation: UH60 Tech's new brand identity reflects their commitment to excellence in Black Hawk services. It establishes them as a reputable player in the aviation industry.

  • High-Performing Website: The Gatsby-powered website offers rapid page loading times and an intuitive user interface, enhancing engagement and user satisfaction.

Project Highlights:

Through collaboration with falcani, UH60 Tech successfully translated their vision into a compelling brand and a high-performing website. They are now positioned for growth and success in their industry.

What We Did

  • Complete Brand Creation
  • Logo Design & Visual Identity
  • Gatsby Website Development
  • Media Optimization

Working alongside falcani, we transformed our vision into a brand that embodies excellence in Black Hawk services. Our website now reflects our industry leadership.

Francisco Temprano, CEO of UH-60 LLC
Search Engine Optimization
Cumulative Layout Shift
Speed Index
First Contentful Paint

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