Case Study - Elevating aviation excellence online

Sahar Group LLC is a leading aviation industry player, specializing in engineering, repair, and manufacturing services. They required a modernized website that not only reflects their expertise but also serves as a visual testament to their FAA, EASA, AS9100, and AS9110 approvals.

Sahar Group LLC
Website Modernization


Sahar Group LLC, a prominent aviation industry player, sought to revamp its online presence. Their existing website faced performance challenges and required modernization to align with their industry reputation and certifications.

Our Solutions:

  1. Next-gen Web Technologies: We employed cutting-edge web technologies, including Next.js, to transform their website. This approach greatly improved performance and ensured swift loading times.
  2. Dynamic Visual Elements: Our design team introduced engaging visual elements, including video-based pages, to visually showcase Sahar Group's services and certifications effectively.
  3. Comprehensive Rebranding: We undertook a comprehensive rebranding effort, aligning their website with their industry leadership and highlighting their FAA, EASA, AS9100, and AS9110 approvals.


  • Enhanced Performance: The modernized website offers exceptional user experiences with improved loading times, ensuring visitors can access information quickly.
  • Strong Visual Impact: The incorporation of video-based pages and dynamic visual elements enhances Sahar Group's online presence, showcasing their capabilities and certifications.
  • SEO Excellence: Our optimization strategies improved search engine rankings, leading to increased organic traffic and visibility.

Project Highlights:

Working collaboratively with Falcani, Sahar Group LLC achieved not only a revitalized online presence but also a reflection of their aviation industry leadership. Their website now stands as a testament to their expertise and certifications.

What We Did

  • Frontend Modernization (Next.js)
  • Visual Elements Integration
  • Comprehensive Rebranding
  • Performance Optimization

Working with falcani, we brought our aviation excellence to the web. They crafted an online presence that truly reflects our industry leadership.

Arnold Escobar, CEO of Sahar Group LLC
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